What we offer

CONTRACTWELL Offers You the following services:

International Commercial Contract:

  • Legal opinions in English, French and Dutch concerning international commercial contracts in a European language.
  • Information about foreign law
  • Advices concerning the applicable law and competent jurisdiction
  • Commercial contracts in English, French and Dutch
  • Advices in international commercial litigation

Public Procurement:

  • Information, advice and legal opinion on Public Procurement
  • Information concerning Belgian and foreign public procurement law
  • Advices concerning the application of public procurement law
  • OpinionsĀ on possible succes of eventual recourse against administrative decisions

Bilingual Contracts:

  • Revision of your translations of contracts into English, French and Dutch.
    • CONTRACTWELL may revise your translations into English, French and Dutch of your contracts and legal texts drafted originally in a European language.

Seminars (in house) on:

  • International commercial contracts
  • Public procurement

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